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Located in Newark, Ohio, sanctuary senior living of newark offers 82 independent living units featuring comfortable one and two bedroom apartments with wall-to-wall carpeting, window treatments, and many other amenities for worry-free retirement living.  Sanctuary Senior Living promotes independence in an attractive, comfortable setting.

sanctuary senior living of newark - Newark, Ohio

We invite you to visit us at sanctuary senior living of newark. We're here to help you reach the right decision regarding the healthcare needs of your loved one. "We pledge that the physical and emotional well being of our residents will always be our first priority. We commit ourselves to making our community a true safe harbor for everyone who enters our building and makes us a part of their life - residents - family members - staff. We further commit ourselves to enhancing the quality of our resident's lives through compassion and individualized care."

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Philosophy of Care

omnilife health care systems, inc. is dedicated to providing an environment which yields quality health care to its resident at a reasonable cost. Our philosophy is to promote wellness, enhance independence through rehabilitation and prevention, and to promote the dignity, rights and respect of all residents. Finally, as a service enterprise, we endeavor to provide our employees with a quality working environment and opportunities to expand their horizons for their own quality of life.


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Our award winning senior living communities specialize in Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Residential Care and Rehabilitative services in Newark, Ohio.  We are providers of Medicare and Medicaid.  When you’re helping family make choices for Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Residential Care and Rehabilitative services in Newark and other locations in Ohio, we are your award winning best choice.  Hospice services are also available.  It’s peace of mind, a safe haven…a place you can call home.